Master theses

General application information

General information

The process of a master thesis at the chair follows the steps depicted in Process for a master thesis. If all application requirements are met, we will gladly supervise your thesis within the limitations of our capacities. The available topics are empirical studies from the research areas of the chair. All master theses must be written in English. If you have to apply outside the application period due to special circumstances (e.g. practical cooperation), please contact Laura Schulze.

Topic selection

Topic areas for master theses include digital platforms, privacy, algorithmic management, social media, data-driven business models, gig economy, interactions with digital services and interorganizational information systems (see also: Research and Exemplary master theses topics from previous semesters). In our first meeting, we will discuss and decide on the specific topic together.
Additionally, the topic Story of a breakup: Explaining information systems discontinuance from a relational perspective (methodology: survey - panel data) will be offered in winter term 2020/2021.

    Application period
  • Summer term: 15 March until 1 April
  • Winter term: 15 September until 1 October
    Winter term 2020/2021: 4 August until 2 November
Application prerequisites
  • A successfully completed research seminar at the faculty
  • At least one elective course in business informatics or marketing
  • "Application Form to Begin the Thesis Paper" must be ready and presented at the kick-off date (available from the Examination Office)
    Due to the Coronavirus precautions this is not necessary at the moment.
Required application documents

If you are interested in a master thesis at the chair and fulfill all application requirements, please fill the application form and send your FlexNow grade sheet within the application period via e-mail to Prof. Dr. Trenz (trenz@uni‑

Process for a master thesis

A typical master thesis process follows the following steps (dates refer to the current application period):


Exemplary master theses topics from previous semesters

  • How Can the Implementation of Mobile Instant Messaging Strengthen Customer Relationships with Retail Stores? (Method: Field Experiment)
  • The Nature of Trust in Artificial Intelligence (Method: Conceptual and Survey)
  • Mobile Focus within a Multichannel Platform – Strategies for a Successful Customer Shift towards Mobile Channels (Method: Field Experiment)
  • Story of a Breakup: Why Users Decide to Quit a Social Media Platform (Method: Interviews and Survey)
  • The Role of Privacy and Habit in Information Systems Continuance (Method: Online Experiment)
  • Multichannel Commerce in the Grocery Sector (Method: Conjoint Experiment)
Do you have your own idea for a master thesis in the research area of the chair? Please do not hesitate to contact us!