Network founded: English Language Teaching Across School, University and Teacher Training

In the summer semester 2019 a new network for English language teaching was founded in Göttingen. The aim of the joint initiative is to create further links between the University of Göttingen, the teacher training college (Studienseminar Göttingen für das Lehramt an Gymnasium) and teachers of secondary high schools in Göttingen with regards to the teaching of English as a foreign language. Founding members are:

• Prof. Dr. Carola Surkamp (English Language Teaching, University of Göttingen)
• StR Philipp Stückrath (IGS Geismar u. Studienseminar Göttingen)
• Prof. Dr. Lotta König (English Language Teaching, University of Bielefeld, formerly University of Göttingen)
• StD‘ Wiebke Ruf (Corvinianum Northeim u. Studienseminar Göttingen)
• StD Jan-Marc Rohrbach (Hainberg-Gymnasium u. University of Göttingen)
• StR Andreas Baack (Felix-Klein-Gymnasium u. Studienseminar Göttingen)

On November 12, 2019, the kickoff event took place at the Hainberg Gymnasium with more than 80 participants. In different workshops participants discussed the following questions:

• Where can we detect gaps between the phases of university and the teacher training?
• Where can we already find productive networks between those phases?
• In retrospective, which aspects in the course of studies and teacher training seemed to have caused additional challenges?

Finally, new perspectives to create further links and an even closer collaboration between the university and the teacher training college were developed. All those interested are cordially invited to become members of GENiUS2. Please contact one of the founding members.


Wiebke Ruf, Andreas Baack, Lotta König, Carola Surkamp, Jan-Marc Rohrbach und Philipp Stückrath