The university campus media is an independent body that works only on projects it chooses freely. It provides students the opportunity to gain experience and expand their skillset, far from the stress of credits and assessment boards. Interested? Simply drop by!

Göheard (GöHört) Already? The Campus Radio goes live every fortnight on Wednesday via StadtRadio Göttingen. Topics revolve around campus life and is produced from students. If you would like to have your voice heard on radio or have a good idea for an audio clip, you are warmly welcome to drop by the editorial department. Upon a short instruction on how to use the equipment, you shall be permitted to use the equipment provided by the StadtRadio. We can therefore only encourage you to join us today and let your voice be göheard!
Link to Göhört

The Campus Television Broadcasting Service 'Univision' comprises a team of 15 students who document student and campus life through video. Initiated by such events as the campus elections and the science slam, Univision now also films short clips on other going-ons that students should take note of. The team assure that "experience is not required" and that they believe in learning by doing. We say: if you enjoy filming or being filmed, you should become a 'Univisionary': Link to Univision