Proof of written application documents

The application documents for the application for a Deutschlandstipendium are composed as follows:
- Cover sheet with signature
- Evidence - are listed on the cover sheet and result from the information provided during the online application

After submitting the online application, a cover sheet is generated in the application portal, which must be printed out and signed.
The cover sheet contains a list of the supporting documents to be uploaded for the application documents via the upload portal.

After the online application, the application documents including the signed cover sheet must be submitted online via the upload portal of the University of Göttingen
until 30.09.2024 23:59h.
The documents will be sent directly to the responsible faculty via the upload portal.
Applicants will receive a confirmation email to their email address.

In order to simplify and speed up the processing in the faculties, please do not upload your application documents until the deadline.
Die Bewerbung kann bis zum Ende der Bewerbungsfrist online bearbeitet werden.
Nach einer Bearbeitung der Online-Bewerbung, sind der oder die Nachweis/e zur Änderung ebenfalls über das Uploadportal, bis zum Ende der Bewerbungsfrist am 30.09.2024 hochzuladen.

The application can be processed online until the end of the application deadline.
Once the online application has been processed, the proof(s) of change must also be uploaded via the upload portal by the end of the application deadline on 30 September 2024.

Only complete application documents submitted by the deadline can be considered

The required evidence must:
- substantiate the information provided in the online application portal,

- include the specifications listed in the guideline, e.g. in the case of social commitment, the specification of an extent of at least four weeks and at least 160 hours within one year,

- take into account the deadlines for recognition listed in the guideline, e.g. social commitment may not be more than two years old at the end of the application period.

Neither letters of motivation nor letters of recommendation are required for the application and will not be considered favorably upon submission.

Detailed information on the application documents, the supporting documents and the upload portal can also be found in the guidelines and the FAQ (right-hand column).