Proof of written application documents

The written application documents consist of:
- signed cover sheet
- documents that are listed on the cover sheet

After sending your online application a cover sheet is generated. This sheet includes a list of all the documents that need to be handed in.
The required documents are generated by the applicant's data.

The address of the faculty in charge can be found on the top left side of the cover sheet.

The complete written application documents have to be at the faculty in charge by the end of the application deadline.

The reansmission of the application documents can take place either via mail or by personal disposal.

The written documents should:
- be proof of the application data
- meet the requirements of the guideline,
e.g. the information of the coverage of at least four weeks and at least 160 working hours within a year when stating social commitment
- consider the deadlines of approval that are stated in the guidelines,
e.g. social commitment must not date back longer than two years

Neither letters of motivation nor letters of recommendation are required for the application and they will not be considered.

Furhter information on the written application documents can be found in the guideline and the FAQs (right coloumn).