Sarah Louis

PhD student at RWTH Aachen University and University of Göttingen

School of Geosciences, Energy & Mineral Resources Group, RWTH Aachen University
Department of Structural Geology and Geodynamics, University of Göttingen


Research fellow / PhD student, RWTH Aachen University / University of Göttingen/ (1/2018-present)
Hydrogeology and Environmental Geosciences (M.Sc.), University of Göttingen (2014-2017)
Geosciences (B.Sc.), University of Göttingen (2011-2014)
International Business (A.Sc.), Westchester Community College, Valhalla, NY, USA (2007-2010)

Research Interests

As part of the DFG Priority Program "Mountain Building Processes in Four Dimensions (MB-4D)" ( I am studying the exhumation of the alpine foreland basin. I’m generating a new Apatite-(U-Th)/He, Apatite fission track and vitrinite reflectance data set and combine that with a thermal history model (PyBasin; Luijendijk et al. 2011) and kinematic models of shortening and exhumation in order to quantify the timing and rate of uplift in the Molasse Basin over the Late Cenozoic. With these results, I will test different mantle related scenarios to determine slab-dynamics during the later alpine orogeny.
Furthermore, I am interested in the evolution of hydrothermal systems. For my M.Sc.-thesis I quantified the evolution of a hydrothermal system in Beowawe, Nevada using high-resolution low-temperature thermochronology and a numerical model (; Luijendijk, in preparation).

Publications and Conferences

Louis, S., von Hagke, C., Luijendijk, E. (2018, March). Quantifying the timing and rate of basin exhumation in the Molasse basin by combining structural geology and thermochronology data with thermal history and kinematic models. (TSK Jena 2018, poster presentation)

Louis, S., Luijendijk, E., Dunkl, I., Person, M. (2017, April). Using low temperature thermochronology and numerical models to quantify the history of hydrothermal activity in Beowawe, Nevada. (EGU 2017, poster presentation)