liveSciences³ Student Status & eduGAIN

To support new froms of mobility, including virtual mobility, traditional matriculation procedures (matriculation as degree student or exchange student) are not applicable.

New administrative and legal solutions and procedures to support access to online courses, engagement as part of virtual exchange formats or blended-intensive programmes are needed to enable access to campus and learning management systems and digital services across partner universities to facilitate international student mobility.

Therefore, the partner student status was established at the University of Göttingen. Students from partner universities can register as guest students and get access to the campus and learning management systems, take online courses or participate in Summer Schools and obtain ECTS.

This is of great importance to get to know partner universities, their specialization opportunities as well as lecturers and students, to prepare for a possible physical exchange at a later point.

Furthermore, eduGAIN offers a technical solution to enable access to campus and learning management systems and digital services across partner universities using home credentials. Testing its implementation was one of the liveSciences³ activities.

This was very valuable to make the student international journey more felxible and to overcome restricted mobility windows as well as to allow students to better prepare for a physical mobility or access online exams even after they have returned to their home university.

Insight in liveSciences³ student mobility and experiences reports from students benefiting from the improved digital services can be found at the Student Peer Community Website or on Twitter and Instagram in the Community Tuesdays posts.

A manual on EduGAIN – Recommendations for the Implementation and Application in International University Partnerships was developed as part of the liveSciences³ activities and summarizes general information as well as the experiences made during the technical implementation and test with the Universidad de Talca, Chile.


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Project Coordinator

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