liveSciences³ Student-Generated Content

Creating content and knowledge is not restricted to a particular group of people anymore. In the context of higher education, students are now assuming a completely different role. Times, when learners were considered to be pure consumers, are of the past. Furthermore, students have become more and more involved in producing material of their own. Technologies that are accessible to everyone have enhanced students' capacities to contribute to knowledge building. The liveSciences³ project supported many initiatives where students wrote blog entries, created videos, and produced audio individually or as a collaborative assignment within their own classes and/or together with students from partner universities. Find some examples below and at the liveSciences³ playlist of the University of Göttingen YouTube channel.

In addition, as part of liveSciences³, students created reports about their experiences abroad as video blogs or podcasts and shared them within the protected space of Mahara and, in some cases, publicly via project websites and social media.

The active role of students allows participation opportunities and empowerment and addtionally enables them to interact and connect on an international level.

Plus, empowering students to generate content is closely linked to the project's activities and goals to strengthen the Digital Competences of students and lecturers.

Blog Field Studies Diary
Student Blog

Field Studies in Conservation Biology (M.Biodiv.482)

Link to the student blog

This blog was created by students who participated in a 3-week field excursion to North Macedonia and Greece. Their daily blog entries include photos and videos of the trip and vividly describe gained knowledge, discovered species and impressions of the countries and people they met.

Videos produced by students during the Summer Campus 2022 'Shaping Future Landscapes'

Summer Campus 2022 within the course 'Local Solutions for Global Challenges'

Link to the project video 'Continuous Cover Forestry in Central Europe'

Link to the project video 'Animal Welfare'

Link to the project video 'Management and extremes shaping snail habitats'

All the videos were produced as student projects during the liveSciences³ Summer Campus 2022 as part of three interdisciplinary and international projects.

Videos about forestry in Bosnia Herzegovina

Primeval and managed forests in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Link to the video about Forest management of traditional coppice forest by Pauline Drews and Erdal Brutus

Link to the video about Forestry in Bosnia and Herzegovina by Eai Chit Thu Mg and Selma Vehabović

These videos are two examples produced during the Joint classroom course "Primeval and managed forests in Bosnia-Herzegovina” by two students − respectively one from the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina, and one from the University of Göttingen. The recordings were made during the joint field trip in Bosnia Herzegovina in September 2022 and are related to different aspects of forestry that were covered during the field trip.

  • Option of re-use;
  • Raise awareness through publication;
  • Public relevance;
  • Application-oriented;
  • More intense engagement and examination of the course content;
  • Learning by teaching;
  • Strengthen digital competencies.

  • Give students enough time and space for the production of content;
  • Provide students with competencies;
  • Involve students in processes.


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