Summer School: Form-Meaning Mismatches in Natural Language 2018 (July-August 2018)

This summer school was about the mapping between form and meaning. The idea that the form of a sentence reflects its meaning or the other way round is challenged by formal elements that are not reflected in the decomposition of meaning or by the presence of meaning components without straightforward exponents in the form of linguistic expressions. The lectures in this summer school introduced to the contribution of current advancements in linguistic theory and empirical research to the understanding of such form-meaning mismatches and examine a wide range of related phenomena such as agreement, negative and other types of concord, silent semantic operators, meaning enrichment through pragmatic reasoning, and the complex syntactic and semantic properties of particles.

This Summer School was part of a series of Summer Schools in Linguistics devoted to current theoretical and empirical advancements in Linguistic Research.

More information about the Summer School may be found here.