Dr. Birger Koopmann


The scientific scope among other plant pathology questions is focused on fungal diseases of oilseed rape (Phoma, Verticillium, Sclerotinia) and Northern Corn Leaf Blight  of maize.
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  • Spezielle Phytomedizin (B.Agr.0346)
  • Interactions between Plants and Phytopathogens (M.Agr. 0023)
  • Molecular Techniques in Phytopathology (M.Agr.0039)
  • Mycology (M.Agr. 0045) 
  • Plant Diseases and Pests in Temperate Zones (M.Cp.0004)
  • Plant Pathology and Crop Protection Seminar (M.Cp.0010; PAG.0007)
  • Interdisziplinäres Seminar
  • Molecular Genetics: Fundamental Techniques in Plant Pathology and Entomology (PAG.0044)

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Curriculum vitae

  • Born 1963 in Bremerhaven
  • 1991 Diploma of Agricuktural Sciences, University Göttingen
  • 1996 Dissertation, Plant Pathology
  • 1996-2001 scientist, Insitute for Plant Pathology and Plant Protection, University Göttingen
  • Since 2001 "akademischer Rat"
  • 2003-2013 Convenor of the working group IOBC-WPRS- Integrated Control in Oilseed Crops der "International Organisation for Biological and Integrated Control of Noxious Animals and Plants, West Palaearctic Regional Section" (IOBC-WPRS)
  • Preservation of the Heiser Mühle, Gallerieholländer windmill, Hollen - OT Heise, Municipality of Beverstedt, County of Cuxhaven