Terrestrial laser scanner
1) Field assistant Juliandi using the terrestrial laser scanner after installing reference images (‘targets’) in the field. The targets are used to assemble scans taken from multiple positions in the plot in order to create a full 3D model of the vegetation structure.
2) A picture (2D projection) from the 3D point clouds produced by the terrestrial laser scanner
3) Octocopter (drone) flying over the planted tree islands with flying altitude 30-35 meters.
4) Watit Khokthong performing a flight mission.
5) Zoom in a picture of the canopy taken from the drone above an experiental plot
Ground-based measurements
6) A hemispherical picture taken using a fish eye lens to measure canopy gap fraction
7) Field assistants measuring tree height and oil palm crown projected area
B11 photo_vegetation_structure