liveSciences³ Virtual Mobility & Online Courses

Rethinking student mobility, embedding new forms of student mobility along the Student International Journey and contributing to more flexible and diversity-sensitive as well as international studies were part of the liveSciences³ objectives.

Instruments of Virtual Mobility serve both, the students of the life sciences faculties at the University of Göttingen as well as their partners as internationalization at home. Furthermore taking an Online Course at a partner university is valuable preparation for physical mobility by getting to know students, lectures as well as the learning culture and environment at the partner university.

In addition, international cooperation in teaching and learning and providing access to specific Online Courses can provide specialization opportunities and fill gaps in the curricula or broaden the horizons of students beyond disciplinary boundaries.

As part of the liveSciences³ projects, a list of modules and courses were further developed; didactically as well as digital teaching and learning elements were embedded (Joint Teaching & Learning Material, including Explanatory Videos).

International students of partner universities can register as guest students at the University of Göttingen in order to participate in Online Courses and get access to the learning environment and serves as well as gain credits.

Today many departments, projects and initiatives offer Virtual Courses at the University of Göttingen, including key competencies and professional courses beyond life sciences.

Plus, the International Office of the University of Göttingen updates and advises regarding Virtual Exchange Abroad for Göttingen students.

Life science students of international partner universities were and are invited to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in exciting Online Courses related to sustainability or to improve their skills in important scientific methods.

The Online Courses are part of the international Double Degree as well as Joint Degree study programmes at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Biology and Psychology, or Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology.

All Online Courses...

  • Are held online :);
  • Are offered in English;
  • Are for students from the University of Göttingen as well as international students from partner universities;
  • Can give you Credits;
  • Take place regularly throughout the semester or as a block course;
  • Have a capacity for up to 5 international students.

As part of the liveSciences³ project, it was further implemented that students can search for online courses on ecampus (campus management system). Use the ´Search for Lectures` function to find courses for your preferred time of the year. Select English as "Language of instruction" and accessible online as "Format of Lecture" and tick the following "Departments" according to your interests:

  • Faculty of Biology and Psychology
  • Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology
  • Faculty of Agricultural Sciences

Information about Virtual Courses at the University of Göttingen for international partner students is available through the websites of the International Office. Moreover, students from Göttingen can find information on Virtual Exchange Abroad with courses and programes offered by partner universities.

Nature Conservation Biology

International Nature Conservation (M.Biodiv.412-1)

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Johannes Kamp

Credits: 3

Term: Winter semester

The lecture covers current issues in international nature conservation. The students learn about basic concepts of biodiversity. Threats to biodiversity and why species become extinct are analyzed. Monitoring concepts are explained and how to design strategies to protect biodiversity.

Local Solutions for Global Challenges

liveSciences³ International Lecture Series

Lecturer: Various speakers from the University of Göttingen and partner universities

Credits: 3

Term: Winter & summer semester

Thinking about global challenges such as climate change, sustainable land use, and biodiversity crisis demands an interdisciplinary approach. During the course, the latest insights and different perspectives about global challenges and possible local solutions based on ongoing research projects from around the world are discussed with the students.

Preparatory R-Course
Preparatory R-Course

Introduction to R

Lecturer: Dr. Katrin Meyer

Credits: 0

Term: Winter semester

Students get an introduction to the programming language R which is commonly used in the life sciences for conducting statistics and creating graphics.

  • Online Courses as exchange opportunities and part of international collaboration and MoU agreements;
  • Opportunity for students to sneak into studying at an international partner university;
  • As a building block along the Student International Journey and preparation for physical mobility.

  • Embedding online learning opportunities at partner universities in Double Degree and Joint Degree programmes is a powerful instrument to facilitate physical mobility;
  • Facilitate registration procedure for international students, including access to the local learning environment;
  • Online Courses open for international partner students require didactically consideration of participating students and their backgrounds.


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Project Coordinator

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