Withdrawal from an Assessment

In accordance with § Paragraph 5 of the ZESS examination regulations, students may independently withdraw from assessments up to 48 hours before said assessments are due to begin.

Note: Should you have already failed your course more than once, yet remain registered for the examination (or withdraw too late), your grade will be entered as "nicht bestanden" (5.0, i.e. failed).

Important information:

  • To withdraw, you must make use of the relevant online form on the ZESS website
  • You are still expected to attend your course regularly
  • Your grade will only be visible on FlexNow once the whole course has been graded
  • The above guidelines apply only to courses from the following divisions:
    • ZESS
    • Varsity Sports
    • E-Learning
    • South Lower Saxony Innovation Campus (SNIC)
    • Equal Opportunities
    • ...or for repeat/make-up examinations

    Withdrawal from an Assessment Form

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