Workshop on Indo-European Accentology (March 2010)

March 24-26, 2010
Göttingen, Germany

Workshop description

One of the major achievements in the field of Indo-European studies in recent decades has been the development of a full-fledged theory of Indo-European stress. Today, most students of PIE accentology adhere to the so-called "Erlangen model" or one of its various and competing derivatives.

The aim of the workshop is to take a fresh look at central issues of PIE accentology and to re-evaluate the current proposals by combining a close look at the evidence with insights from typology and phonological theory.
The main issues and aims of the workshop will be to

  • review the evidence

  • develop criteria for determining the probability of reconstructed stress patterns

  • reconsider the relation between stress and ablaut

  • take a close look at internal derivation and its implications for the theory

  • try to reconcile IE accentology with recent developments in metrical theory

  • Further participants are welcome. If you are interested in attending the workshop, please contact a member of the organizing committee.

    Invited Speakers

    O. Hackstein (Munich)
    W. Hock (Berlin)
    B. Irslinger (Freiburg)
    R. Kim (Poznań)
    A. Kloekhorst (Leiden)
    W. Lehfeldt (Göttingen)
    S. Neri (Jena)
    Th. Olander (Copenhagen)
    T. Pronk (Leiden)
    St. Schaffner (Regensburg)
    X. Tremblay (Cologne)


    Jacob-Grimm-Haus, room 0.108
    March 24, 2010

    14.00-14.45 Werner Lehfeldt: Morphologischer Akzent in der slavischen Akzentologie

    14.45-15.30 Götz Keydana: Morphologischer Akzent und metrische Theorie

    15.30-16.15 Wolfgang Hock: Interne Rekonstruktion und Akzentparadigmen

    16.45-17.30 Olav Hackstein: Einzelbeobachtungen zu Akzent/Ablautklassen im Griechischen

    17.30-18.15 Stefan Schaffner: Die Evidenz des Indoiranischen für die Rekonstruktion der Akzent- und Ablautklassen des urindogermanischen Nomens

    March 25, 2010

    09.15-10.00 Ronald Kim: Metrische Theorie und die Rekonstruktion urindogermanischer nominaler Akzent- und Ablautklassen

    10.00-10.45 Götz Keydana: Proterokinetische Stämme, Akzent und Ablaut


    11.15-12.00 Xavier Tremblay: Zwei? Vier? Sechs? Zur Anzahl der Nominalablauttypen und ihrem Grundwesen. Apophonica VII

    12.00-12.45 Britta Irslinger: Die idg. Flexionstypen im LIN

    lunch break

    15.00-15.45 Tijmen Pronk: The Indo-European vowel system and Indo-European accentuation

    15.45-16.30 Thomas Olander: Indo-European heritage in the Balto-Slavic accentuation system


    17.00-17.45 Sergio Neri: Zu einigen akzentbedingten Lautwandelphänomenen in den indogermanischen Sprachen

    March 26, 2010

    10.00-10.45 Alwin Kloekhorst: Ablaut patterns in Anatolian vis-`a-vis Indo-European accentuation

    10.45-11.30 Paul Widmer: Bemerkungen zur internen Derivation


    12.00-12.45 plenary discussion

    Organizing Committee

    Keydana (Göttingen)

    P. Widmer (Marburg)