Your opportunities as a sponsor

Sponsor one or several students at Georg-August-Universität for at least one year. If you wish, you can have your sponsorship allocated to a specific faculty.

In general, your donation is eligible for deduction from your taxable income.

Your advantages as a sponsor

  • you can meet young talents
  • you can become part of a regional network which includes the University
  • you can enhance the profile of your business
  • you can accept social responsibility
  • you can pass on positive experience

  • Your statements and wishes relating to sponsoring Germany Scholarship scholarships are documented in writing. For this purpose, you can use our sponsorship agreement form, which is available for download here. Please fill in the missing information and send your agreement to us. If you wish to use the convenient automatic debit transfer system for your payments, please let us have a direct debit authorisation specifying the desired mode of payment (either in monthly instalments or in a lump sum).

    You have the option to sponsor young people who are currently studying at one of the thirteen Faculties of Georg-August-Universität in the following areas:
  • Natural Science, Agricultural Science and Forestry
  • Life Sciences and Medicine
  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Humanities and Theology
  • Law, Economics and Social Sciences
  • Georg-August-University Göttingen selects the scholarship recipients according to fixed criteria in a transparent procedure and organises the sponsorship. Up to two thirds of the scholarships can be allocated to subjects according to the donors wishes and preferences. One third must remain available for free distribution among the Faculties.