Youth Art Project #everyday #perspectives #paths

The Bahnhofsmission Göttingen, an establishment part of the Social Welfare Association Göttingen, sent an invitation to the vernissage of the photograph exhibition, #everyday #perspectives #paths.

Using the theme 'Crosses in Everyday Life', interns of the Bahnhofsmission, with help from a professional photographer, kept a lookout for cross motives in downtown Göttingen. From a resulting pile of photographs with unique perspectives and creative camera techniques, the students shortlisted thirteen and wrote a short, accompanying text for each of them.

At the official exhibition of the photographs and texts, interested visitors are invited to view the unassuming and hidden aspects of everyday life as showcased from diverse perspectives and, thus, learn how to widen their viewpoints and look at things from perspectives different from their own. In addition, they have the chance acquaint themselves with the youth work from the Bahnhofsmission Göttingen. The realisation of the exhibition and vernissage was duly supported by a project group from ZESS, under the supervision of Alexander Moritz.