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Semester Fees

Semester fees are imposed for studying. The payment of these fees is required for enrolment at the University and for the renewal of your enrolment ("re-registration") for the following semester.

Semester fees for the winter semester 2019/20
total 355 Euro 31 Cent.

Semester fees for the summer semester 2019
total 348 Euro 40 Cent.

Exceptions: apply for students enroled in Sustainable International Agriculture (M.Sc.) , long-term students, students over 60 years of age, as well as for guest students (for details see "legal regulations").

The semester fees comprise administration fees, student body fees and a Studentenwerk fee. Students of prolonged studies - usually, if the regular standard course length has been exceeded by six semesters or more - additionally pay fees for long-running studies (500 Euros). Please see Amount of the semester fees to find out the exact amount.