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Dentistry (National Exam)

Practically oriented:
As early as the first semester, the degree programme in Dentistry at Göttingen begins with the study of basic dental techniques. It continues with the treatment of patients carried out by students with intensive guidance and supervision from academic staff and assistants. In this way, the course remains practically oriented right through to the examinations. In an up-to-the-minute virtual learning environment, 40 workplaces equipped with multimedia facilities are available over an area of 175 square metres for training using phantom heads.The Student Innovation and Training Centre for Dentistry, a modern skills lab newly opened in 2015, enables students to develop and improve practical skills outside of their regular university classes

Name of program: Dentistry (National Exam)
Degree: National Exam
Length of Program: 11 semesters
Program start: winter and summer semesters
Language of the program: German

Admission to the summer semester 2018:

  • 1st semester: limited admission (application to
  • 2nd to 11th semester: limited admission (application to the university)
  • International applicants (non-EU): limited admission (application to International Student Office)

Program Overview
The dentistry program is generally completed in five and a half years. It is divided into a preclinical and a clinical part, each of which require five semesters. An additional semester is taken at the end to complete the dental exam (exam semester). The program of study is concluded upon successful completion of this exam after which examinees may apply for their approbation.

The training is very practice-oriented. Already in the first semester students are exposed to daily manual work in the course “Basic dental techniques”. During the clinical part of the program, students see and treat patients in different clinics under the close tutelage of university instructors and their assistants.

Program Structure
Preclinical Part
The preclinical part of the dentistry program covers five semesters. With the exceptions of the Gross Anatomy Dissection course and the specific dental preclinical subjects, the dental students in Goettingen take all their preclinical courses together with the medical students.

Clinical Part
After students have passed the Preclinical Dental Exam, they may begin the clinical part of the dentistry program, which requires at least five semesters. While this part of the program also encompasses several obligatory formal courses of instruction, it is largely dominated by practical experience in the clinic setting.

The National Dental Exam is taken over the course of a semester (exam semester). Points accumulated in the individual components of the exam are combined into a single final exam grade.