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Doctoral studies

Enrolment in 5 steps

This description is valid for the enrolment for a doctral degree for all applicants (EU and non-EU). If you are already enrolled in Göttingen, you can have your course of study changed at the Office of Student Affairs after receiving your "acceptance as a doctoral student" (Step 1).

Applying to the faculty
As a doctoral student, you can enrol if you have a written statement from the dean of your faculty on your acceptance as a doctoral student as well as the confirmation from your doctoral advisor. Details on the formal admission prerequisites can be found in the doctoral regulations of the faculties.

Data entry via Internet
You have to apply for your enrolment at the University of Göttingen with the help of an online form.

Sending in your documents by mail
After you have entered your data, you will receive a registration number and a form to print out with a list of the documents which you will need to send to the university by mail.

Transfer of semester fees
After you have mailed in your documents, you must transfer the semester fees in advance to the university (Look at link). Do not forget to state your registration number and name when transferring the fees!

Confirmation from the university
A confirmation (preliminary student identification, certificate of enrolment, etc.) will be sent to you automatically by mail.