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Refugees as guest students

Whoever wishes to prepare for studying at a German university can enrol as a guest student free of charge and attend selected courses. Lectures will start from 09 April 2018. Registration is from 01 to 20 March. Students will accompany you through the semester. Transferable credits from attended courses can only be acquired in exceptional cases.

You are a refugee and would like to study? As a guest student you will learn...

  • Language: You will come into contact with German as a scientific language. You will learn subject-related scientific terminology which is not taught in language courses.
  • Content: You will visit real courses and learn more about the content of degree programmes. This will make it easier for you to choose a degree programme.
  • Organisation: Studying in Germany requires a lot of organisational self-management. As a guest student, you can prepare yourself for a course of studies later on.
  • Saving time: You will familiarise yourself with the system of studies at a German university. This will save you time in studying later on.

Accompanying programme

The following programmes are available to you as a guest student in addition to lectures and courses:

Assistance from students
To enrol as a guest student, you are required to make a personal selection of courses and have them approved by the faculty. A student will assist you with this and other questions of organising your studies.

Pre-courses in Mathematics

German language course
In preparation for going to study you can join Intensive Language Courses. The language courses are free of charge for refugees in preparation for going to study later on.

Language coaching
Personal support in learning the language. Language coaches will introduce you to typical communication situations at universities and subject-specific types of text, and familiarise you with the learning cultures.

Using the library (SUB)
As a public area of Göttingen University, the State and University Library (SUB) is open to you for reading and learning. Your guest student chip card also serves as a library ID card. At the chip card issuing point in the main lecture hall building (ZHG), you will receive the access data for your user account in addition to your card. This will enable you to use all services for students available at the library.

Sports programmes
The student group connACTION organises regular sports programmes and coordinates free-of-charge access to sports events for refugees. From the beginning of the winter semester, football will be played every week on the university sports grounds. There will be opportunities for visiting regional sports events as well.