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Field of action I: Further development of the introductory phase of studies

The transition from school to university is a complex, far-reaching process für high school graduates, which requires special, qualified preparation and support on the part of the university to secure the success in studies desired by both parties. Through the measures applied for under this category, Göttingen University plans in particular to further develop the existing facilities for advice and support in preparation for studies and supplement them with new, additional opportunities. The objective ist to facilitate the start into university studies and thus reduce the drop-out rate during the first semesters in all groups of subjects and achieve an increase in successful completion of studies within the standard course length. On the whole, the aim is generate significant added value for the university`s students through better organisation of the introductory phase of studies. For this purpose, the following target group-specific facilities and acitivities are to be established under the project to guide and support students both centrally and within the faculities.

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Projektmaßnahmen im Handlungsfeld "Studieneingangsphase"

Stärkung der Studienorientierung

Maßnahmen zur Stärkung der Studien- und Prüfungsberatung

Studieneinstieg durch propädeutische Angebote