01.04.2023 | Beitrag in Information erschienen

Die Professur für Anwendungssysteme und E-Business ist mit einem Beitrag in Information vertreten:

Tobias Nießner präsentiert den Beitrag: "Is It Worth the Effort? Considerations on Text Mining in AI-Based Corporate Failure Prediction "

Abstract: How can useful information extracted from unstructured data be used to contribute to a better prediction of corporate failure or bankruptcy? In this research, we examine a data set of 2,163,147 financial statements of German companies that are triple classified, i.e., solvent, financially distressed, and bankrupt. By classifying text features in terms of granularity and linguistic level of analysis, we show results for the potentials and limitations of approaches developed in this way. This study gives a first approach to evaluate and classify the likelihood of success of text mining approaches for extracting features that enhance the training database of AI-based solutions and improve corporate failure prediction models developed in this way. Our results are an indication that the adaptation of additional information sources for the financial evaluation of companies is indeed worthwhile, but approaches adapted to the context should be used instead of unspecific general text mining approaches.