Best Paper Nominee der Australasian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS 2019)

Auf der diesjährigen Australasian Conference on Information Systems 2019 (ACIS 2019) wurde das von Pascal Freier verfasste Paper "Decision Support Systems in the Context of Cyber-Physical Systems: Influencing Factors and Challenges for the Adoption in Production Scheduling" für den Best Paper Award nominiert, konnte diesen jedoch leider nicht gewinnen. Insgesamt wurden auf der Konferenz in Perth, Australien ca. 100 wissenschaftliche Paper vorgestellt.

Abstract: Cyber-physical systems promise a complete networking of all actors and resources involved in production and thus an improved availability of information. In this context decision support systems enable appropriate processing and presentation of the captured data. In particular, production scheduling could benefit from this, since it is responsible for the short-term planning and control of released orders. Since decision support systems and cyber-physical systems together are not yet widely used in production scheduling, the aim of this research study is to analyze the adoption of these technologies. In order to do so, we conducted a qualitative interview study with experts on production scheduling. Thereby, we identified eleven influencing factors and 22 related challenges, which affect the adoption of decision support systems in production scheduling in the context of cyber-physical systems. The results help to explain the adoption and can serve as a starting point for the development of those systems.

Keywords: decision support system, production scheduling, cyber-physical systems, industry 4.0, challenges.