10.04.2020 | Beitrag auf der 4th International GamiFIN Conference 2020

Die Professur für Anwendungssysteme und E-Business ist mit einem Beitrag auf der 4th International GamiFIN Conference 2020 vertreten:

Henrik Wesseloh präsentiert den Beitrag: "Boss fights in lectures! – A longitudinal study on a gamified application for testing factual knowledge" (PDF)

  • Abstract: Gamification is used to influence the motivation and behavior of users. In research, the effect of gamification on motivation and other psychological out-comes has been confirmed in various application contexts. Gamification critics state that a sustained success is unlikely, because of the implementation of extrinsic motivation drivers like rewards. Current studies, however, have shown that gamification possesses the potential to support intrinsic motivation. In this article, we introduce a gamified app for testing factual knowledge, which we developed based on current empirical findings and recommendations and analyzed in a longitudinal study for novelty effects. In contrast to other contributions, our app takes up the boss fight concept to support a gameful framing and uses various game elements to provide feedback to students in lectures. Overall, students evaluated the app to be very useful and fun, and additionally reported positive outcomes concerning the experiences of autonomy and competence.