Beitrag auf der 5th International GamiFIN Conference 2021

Die Professur für Anwendungssysteme und E-Business ist mit einem Beitrag auf der 5th International GamiFIN Conference 2021 vertreten:

Henrik Wesseloh wird den Beitrag "The role of gameful perception as a mediator for intrinsically motivating gamification" präsentieren (in Zusammenarbeit mit Niklas Buddensiek, Tim Pantel, Felix M. Stein, Phillip Szelat, und Matthias Schumann) .

  • Abstract: Scientific studies have shown that the use of gamification is effective in promoting motivation and behavior. However, reasons for the effectiveness of the implemented game elements are analyzed insufficiently. The following article therefor addresses the issue of gameful perception induced through gamification by using an experimental, single factor between-subjects design. First, we draw on Self-Determination Theory to derive a grounded research model. Then, we investigate two groups by using a learning application with a gamified and non-gamified version to test our hypotheses. Our results show that the users’ gameful perception of an activity mediates the motivational outcomes. We discuss our findings and relate these to the app’s design to outline pitfalls and the importance of evoking a conscious gameful experience..