Measures for using the potential of Web 2.0 technologies to increase viewer loyalty, and acquisition (Arte)

Partner: Arte G.E.I.E

Project duration: 05/2008 – 09/2008

Methods: Literature analysis, content analysis and expert interviews

Description and results:

The goal of this study was to identify Web 2.0 technologies with high potential for viewer loyalty, and acquisition for the TV station ARTE. For Web 2.0 technologies in which an investment is considered appropriate, recommendations were elaborated for ARTE. Furthermore, the respective estimated expected benefits and costs of each measure were calculated. From these estimates a benefit-cost portfolio and a priority ranking were created.


  • Web-2.0-Technologien - Einsatzpotentiale zur Stärkung der Zuschauerbindung und -gewinnung bei ARTE, Project study, 2008 (in German, Kießling, M., Schmidt, N.-H., Mrkwicka, K., Kolbe, L.)