Paper prämiert: Best Conference Paper 1st Runner-Up auf der International Conference on Information Systems 2019 (ICIS 2019)

Auf der diesjährigen International Conference on Information Systems 2019 (ICIS 2019) wurde das von Dr. Sebastian Hobert verfasste Paper "Say Hello to ‘Coding Tutor’! Design and Evaluation of a Chatbot-based Learning System Supporting Students to Learn to Program" (Link zum Beitrag) als "Best Conference Paper 1st Runner-Up" ausgezeichnet. Insgesamt wurden auf der Konferenz in München ca. 420 wissenschaftliche Paper bei einer Annahmequote von ca. 27% vorgestellt.

Abstract: The overall goal of this design science research project is to design and evaluate a chatbot-based learning system that is able to support novice programmers to learn to write software code in formal learning settings. Our results indicate that such a conversational intelligent programming tutor is suited to take over tasks of teaching assistants in times when no human teaching assistant or lecturer is available for help, e.g., due to resource constraints. For instance, our so-called 'Coding Tutor' is able to respond to open-ended knowledge questions, to assess submitted source code automatically or to guide students step-by-step through programming exercises using natural language communication. In addition to providing our situated software artifact, we document our results based on the core components of a design theory as proposed by Gregor and Jones (2007). Thus, we provide the first step toward a nascent design theory for chatbot-based learning systems in IS education.

Keywords: Chatbot-based learning system, intelligent programming tutor, pedagogical conversational agent, automatic assessment system, design theory.