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Topics in Rural Development Economics (Wollni/Qaim) 6 ECTS
This course will provide Master Students with an overview of relevant topics in rural development economics, which will also enable them to develop own research questions and study approaches in this field. The module is structured as a reading course, building on selected articles from relevant international journals. Students are required to read announced articles before the classroom sessions, in order to enable a critical debate in class.

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PhD Module:

Survey Techniques and Analysis of Firm and Household Data (Spiller/Wollni/Klasen), 6 ECTS
The goal of this module is to teach advanced techniques for the design and analysis of household and firm level surveys. Being interdisciplinary in nature this module is taught by three professors representing agricultural and development economics as well as agribusiness research. The module is designed to meet the needs of PhD students working on their research proposal and preparing for their field work phase. The focus is on data collection methods, sampling strategies, and questionnaire design in both the developing and developed country context. Furthermore, we teach multivariate methods for data analysis (regression, factor, cluster analyses), which are conveyed through practical exercises in the computer laboratory. After successfully completing the course, PhD students should be able to design their own surveys and collect data that meets the quality criteria for scientific research and publication.