AT1: Characterization of Fibres and Particles

The official Call for Papers for this session is available here: Call for Papers AT1


This session focuses on methods for the characterization of (natural) fibres and particles like wood particles, annual plant fibres, and regenerated cellulose fibres. We take into consideration the morphological characterisation concerning fibre/particle size and shape and surface characteristics, the chemical composition, testing methods for the determination of mechanical properties and the reinforcement potential in composite materials. Furthermore, we are interested in contributions to the topic of the influence of extraction methods, fibre processing, composite production and recycling techniques on the fibre/particle characteristics.

Suggested Topics

Interesting topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Characterization of natural fibres and particles

    • Testing methods
    • Morphology: size and shape, surface characteristics
    • Chemical composition
    • Mechanical properties
    • Reinforcement potential in composites

  • Influence of modification and processing on fibre characteristics

    • Extraction methods
    • Thermoplastic composite production: injection moulding, extrusion
    • Recycling