AT2: Supply Chain of Renewable Resources

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The supply of renewable raw materials for the industrial use is playing an increasingly important role. There is a high demand for biomass (especially wood) therefore occurs a competition between energy and material use. Plant biomass from the agricultural sector is currently used energetically. This includes energy crops such as rape, maize, or wood from short rotation coppice. In contrast, forestry produced biomass mainly goes into the material use. Yields and material flows from the forestry and agricultural sector differ fundamentally due to the limited availability and the annually fluctuating harvests in the agricultural sector. There are various approaches to increase the proportion of available biomass, such as short rotation coppice, the cascade use of existing raw materials or usage of natural fibers (hemp, flax, nettle). Therefore the situation requires describing and evaluating the supply chains of renewable resources and finds the most efficient usage options.

This topic area should show the current usage options, material flows and supply chains of biomass from agriculture and forestry.

Suggested Topics

Interesting topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Short rotation coppice
  • Planting Material - Breeding, Resistance, Growth
  • Havesting Techniques
  • Woodchips - povision and logistic
  • Fiber plants

  • Crops for the industrial use
  • Byproducts of the agricultural industry
  • Provision and supply of material
  • Cascade use of raw materials