CT1: Consumer Behavior towards Eco-Friendly Products

The official Call for Papers for this session is available here: Call for Papers CT1


In order to realize cascade utilisation, marketing research should address the use of renewable resources by incorporating the overall marketing mix. Thereby consumer behavior becomes particularly important, since purchase behavior is an essential factor determining the success of eco-friendly approaches. Central issues are related to consumers’ specific requirements regarding eco-friendly products and the willingness to pay required price premiums. Due to the fact that recent debates partially question whether eco-friendly designated products are truly environmentally friendly, the influence of certification systems on consumers is another remarkable field of research. Moreover, the implementation of cascade utilisations also premises the existence of awareness on the part of consumers. A reuse of materials and/or products previous to an energetic utilization requires that consumers support recycling methods, favour products made from recycled materials and are sensitized for the problems resulting from direct energetic utilizations. We invite submissions of papers from consumer research, also – but not limited to – interdisciplinary work, e. g. business, psychology, sociology and communication studies. Contributions relating to the overall marketing mix are welcomed as well, as long as they help to understand eco-friendly consumer behavior.

Suggested Topics

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Determinants of eco-friendly consumer behavior
  • Consumers’ requirements regarding eco-friendly goods
  • Consumer attitude towards recycled products
  • Consumer attitude towards certification systems
  • Consumer uncertainty due to greenwashing
  • Willingness to pay a price premium for eco-friendly products
  • Inclusion of consumers during the development of eco-friendly products
  • Market segments for products made from renewable resources
  • Positioning of products made from renewable resources
  • Brand management and renewable resources
  • Marketing communication for eco-friendly products
  • Promising advertising strategies for eco-friendly products
  • Contributions from public relations to eco-friendly purchase behavior