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Building International Careers

Are you looking for a job or an internship abroad? The Certificate Programme “Building International Careers” supports you in planning your international career path right from the start! By participating in the programme you will be eligible to receive the “International Certificate” (InDiGU).

Timeline 1 BIC

  • Know your interests, competences and strengths to identify international job options that fit your personality best
  • Plan your career abroad and learn more about specific job search strategies, application documents and interview situations
  • Become part of an international community and develop a support network to achieve your personal and professional goals

    Target Group
  • BA and MA students of all disciplines who are interested in working in a global context (international and German students)

    Timeline and Methods
  • Winter term 2020/21 (24.11.2020-16.03.2021)
  • Online workshops, peer group sessions, online career modules with self-assessment exercises, online lectures, virtual mock interview, BIP – Business-focused Inventory of Personality

    If you want to be added to the list of interested people for the summer semester 2021, please send an email to Stefanie Heidenreich. You will be informed as soon as the registration starts.
  • High motivation and commitment to work regularly with the online career modules and to participate actively in the webinars and peer group sessions

Q & A

In order to get the International Certificate you have to complete the following elements:

# Element
1 Kick-off workshop (online 24.11.2020)
2 Online I – Know yourself!
3 Online II – Prepare yourself!
4 Online III – Present yourself!
5 Online IV – Pitch yourself!
6 Final workshop (online 16.03.2021)
7 Active and regular participation in the peer group sessions (self-organised)
8 Intercultural engagement with InDiGU
9 Intercultural competence training

This is an average estimation on how much time you have to spend on the workshops, modules and meetings.

  • Kick-off workshop and final workshop – 4 hours each
  • 4 Online modules – 4 hours each
  • 4 Peer group sessions – 2 hours each
  • Intercultural competence training – depending on your chosen workshop, a short training lasts 6 hours
  • Intercultural engagement – depending on your chosen activity

You are flexible in working with the career modules – in general, you have two weeks to complete the online materials. First if you have completed a module, you will get access to the next one. Please answer the evaluation questions after every module in Stud.IP .This helps us to continuously improve the programme.
Please note that the timeframe of the online modules match the dates of the peer group sessions. That means that you won't be able to work on the group tasks if you have not completed your individual exercises. Questions, comments and discussions that arises in your peer group or by working with the modules will be answered in a Q&A webinar and via Stud.IP.

The general process is the following:

  1. Online modules available for two weeks
  2. Peer group session with given tasks and documentation (video, voicemail or protocol)
  3. Q&A support via Stud.IP and a webinar

Here is an overview about the specific times and processes of the online modules:

Career Module Timeframe Comment
Online I Module available from 23.11.2020
Peer group session until 10.12.2020
Lecture on 09.12.2020
A participation in the lecture “How to land the job with your individual skill set – from a recruiter’s perspective” is recommended but not required.
Online II Module available from 14.12.2020
Peer group session until 14.01.2021
Video lecture (access via Stud.IP)
The recorded video lecture “Prepare yourself – Which job research strategy is the right one for you?” is recommended but not required.
Online III Module available from 18.01.2021
Peer group session until 04.02.2021
Q&A Webinar on 22.01.2021
A participation in the webinar is recommended but not required.
Online IV Module available from 15.02.2021
Peer group session until 04.03.2021
Mock interview 23.02. 2021
A participation in the mock interview is highly recommended but not required.

After every peer group session you are sending a brief documentation via Stud.IP. The documentation is a summary of the completed group task and can be transmitted as a short video, voicemail message or as a written protocol. Four online modules require four peer group sessions and four documentations

You will have access to the online career modules via the learning management system Stud.IP. We will also use Stud.IP for the communication with all participants of the programme in our own study group. After your successful application you will receive an invitation link to join this group. We recommend that you also create your own study group in Stud.IP to organise your smaller peer group sessions. For the workshops and webinars we will use the web conferencing software BigBlueButton. In case you did not use the software before, this short tutorial video may be helpful.

All intercultural competence trainings will be conducting as online-format until further notice. You can find more information about the workshops on this website. For dates and schedules please go to UniVZ. Please register in Stud.IP for your chosen workshop. Do not hesitate to contact the team of the Center for Intercultural Competence in case of any questions at

Here is an overview about activities for the intercultural engagement. You need 3 internationalisation points for the International Certificate. If you have further questions, please contact Patrick Lajoie

Your peer group has 3-5 members with different backgrounds. You will meet for every online module and you are working on given career-related tasks together. It is not required to meet in person – you can also use digital communication tools. A documentation of your meeting is required. Due to this reason, please create your own study group in Stud.IP.
A productive teamwork depends on the work and commitment of every member. Only then you can profit from a really great support network. Please engage actively and regularly in the sessions. Don't hesitate to contact the Career Service if you wish to improve the communication in your peer group.

Please contact Stefanie Heidenreich, international career counsellor of the Career Service, for further information regarding “Building International Careers” For questions regarding the intercultural competence trainings, please contact the Center for Intercultural Competence: If you have questions about the intercultural engagement, please contact Patrick Lajoie:

The online modules as well as the kick-off and final workshop have to be completed in winter term. The participation in the intercultural competence training and the intercultural engagement is also possible during the summer term.

Yes, “Building International Careers” is offered every semester.