Aufbau eines nachhaltigen Pedelec-Sharing-Systems für kleine und mittelgroße Unternehmen (PedShare)


Partner: Eckold GmbH & Co. KG, Hoff Kaffeesysteme GmbH, Werk-statt-Schule e.V., HNA-Redaktion, SüdniedersachsenInnovationsCampus (SNIC)

Project duration: 01/2019-12/2021

Funding: Supported by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building, and Nuclear Safety

Methods: Interviews, Fieldtest, Workshops, Observation, Prototyping

Pedelecs are an attractive and at the same time environmentally friendly alternative to cars to cover long distances quickly and without great effort. However, high acquisition costs prevent many private individuals from using them. These costs can be addressed by a sharing concept. The aim of this project (PedShare) is to establish and sustain an innovative and economically viable pedelec sharing system based on a digital sharing platform, which is specially designed to be used by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). With the help of the pedelec-sharing platform, employees can use pedelecs for commuting and business trips. The project's novelty lies in the demand-oriented and efficient use of pedelecs, integrated within the operational mobility management of SMEs. In addition, innovative scientific concepts (such as gamification) will be integrated into the project in order to achieve a long-term change in behavior concerning the switch from cars to pedelecs. Thus, the project aims to achieve a permanent significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions concerning commuting and business trips.
Website: PedShare