Modeling and System Development (MAS) - Vorlesung M.WIWI-WIN.0001

Course for Master students (in english)

Students have the opportunity to visit the lecture in person.
Additionally the recorded lectures and course materials can be found in the eCampus or Stud.IP.


What? How?
frequency every winter term
type of event lecture
prerequisite 2 case studies
achievement exam (120 min)
credits 6 ECTS
prerequisite for participation none


The subject of the module is the product-oriented information management. "Product" here means the various information systems of the company. The module describes the information processing from a logical and conceptual point of view. It deals with the development and operation of all the information systems in an enterprise. Students will learn how the system landscape of a company can be designed. The main core of the module is the system analysis, where the students will learn the tools and methods that allow, for example, business processes modelling. Selected questions on system design and modeling will be teached. Examples are the latest developments in the area of business process modeling or object modeling, as well as matters of strategic planning of application systems.

Learning Objectives

The students should ...

  • learn possibilities of modelling systems landscapes in enterprises
  • learn, understand and use selected tools and methods of the system analysis
  • be able to analyze and design complex systems
  • learn and train soft skills like teamwork, communication and organizational skill in group work