General Linguistics Colloquium (WiSe 2020/2021)

Programme, winter term 2020/2021

Day, place: tuesdays, 16:15-17:45,

in BigBlueButton (stud-ip, goettingen)

organized by Götz Keydana and Stavros Skopeteas

03.11.20. Start-up meeting

10.11.20. Dominik Besier (Wuppertal)

(No) adverbs in Indonesian – Reanalysing Indonesian manner adverbs as verbal forms

Most of Indonesian manner adverbs can occur in a preverbal and a postverbal position. Interestingly, the interpretations are often not identical. This suggests that there are different underlying structures. The focus will be on the preverbal position. The proposal here is that these ‘adverbs’ are no adverbs but some kind of verbal form.

17.11.20. Esther Kunay (Göttingen, Munich):

Vowel Nasalization in German: Insights from a real-time MRI study

The emergence of contrastive vowel nasality involves variable temporal patterns in coarticulatory vowel nasalization. While some specific factors such as low tongue position and vowel length favour velum lowering, contextual and prosodic conditions play also an important role. However, there is evidence that during coarticulatory vowel nasalization not only temporal nasalization is increased in the vowel but the duration of the following nasal additionally is reduced. Following the hypothesis that the temporal nasalized part of a vowel is related to the duration of the following nasal, I will present data from 36 German participants who were measured via real-time MRI, which allows direct observation of tongue and velum movements during fluent speech. Results show both common and distinct nasalization patterns across the CVNV and CVNCV contexts.

24.11.20. Marco Coniglio (Göttingen):

New insights into the grammaticalization of German modal particles

01.12.20. OT reading group

Broekhuis, Hans (2008): Derivations and Evaluations, p. 31-60.

08.12.20. OT reading group

Billings, Loren (2002): Phrasal Clitics.

15.12.20. Ryan Windhearn (Cornell):

Evidence from Innovation: Reconstructing Disharmonic Headedness for Proto-Indo-European

12.01.21. Yidong Yu (Göttingen):

The Logic of Plurals and its application in multiple domains in Yucatec Maya

19.01.21. Chris Götze (Göttingen):

Continuations in Linguistics

21.01.20, Thursday! (16:15-17:45) Stavros Skopeteas (Göttingen):

Yucatec Maya: Variation in Space

02.02.21. Georg Höhn (Göttingen):

Deriving the Basque locative anomalies

I provide an overview of the Basque case/postpositional paradigm to highlight potential interactions between the (non-)realisation of the definite article and locative morphology and propose a DM-based analysis in terms of context-sensitive allomorphy of the definite article and the locative morpheme. Time permitting, I will also summarise some challenges to the proposal.

04.02.21, Thursday! (16:15-17:45) Nina Adam (Göttingen):

Clitic placement in Czech: constraints and/or derivations?

09.02.21. Saverio Dalpedri (Göttingen):

The lost compass: issues in orientation of resultative participles

Guests of the Department in LinG:

03.12.20. Beste Kamali (Berlin):


09.12.20. Leona Polyanskaya (Donostia):