General Linguistics Colloquium (SoSe 2021)

Programme, Summer term 2021

Day, place: tuesdays, 16:15-17:45,

in BigBlueButton (stud-ip, goettingen, course number: 4505670)

organized by Götz Keydana and Stavros Skopeteas

13.04.21. Start-up meeting

20.04.21. Georg Höhn (Göttingen):

Cross-linguistic variation in quantifier unagreement: A Mediterranean perspective

Unagreement describes configurations of (apparently) third person noun phrases cross-referenced by non-third person verbal agreement, available in some null subject languages like Greek, Spanish or Bulgarian. I discuss new data suggesting that there is crosslinguistic variation between Bulgarian and Greek concerning whether the speaker needs to be included in the restrictor set in unagreement with quantified subjects. Moreover, I will briefly address a second, potentially unrelated dimension of crosslinguistic variation in quantifier unagreement that addresses possible "Balkan" and "Iberian" patterns and their possible role for language contact in southern Italy.

27.04.21. Stavros Skopeteas (Göttingen):

Contrastive foci: potential of phonological form and extension of syntactic operations

04.05.21. no meeting:

no title

11.05.21. Yidong Yu (Göttingen):

Fieldwork methodology: data elicitation in Yucatec Maya

18.05.21. no meeting:

no title

25.05.21. Alumni (place):


01.06.21. MA-Gruppe (place):


08.06.21. Alain Hien (Tohokou University, Sendai):

On movement of wh-phrases in Dagara

15.06.21. Svetlana Berikashvili and Jan Steyer (Göttingen):

Morphological annotation of Calabrian Greek

22.06.21. Götz Keydana (Göttingen):

How P2 are P2 clitics?

Do! 24.06.21.; 17 s.t. Ebany Dohle (SOAS):

Language, Indigenous Identity and TEK: the case of Nahuat-Pipil

29.06.21. Anthi Revithiadou (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) and George Markopoulos (University of the Aegean):

Gradience in post-lexical phonology

06.07.21. Natia Poniava (Tbilisi):

Megrelian-Laz Intonation

13.07.21. Antonio Masotti (Göttingen):