Fiorella Arduin Rode

PhD candidate (funded by DAAD Scholarship)

Department of Structural Geology and Geothermics, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen


PhD Student, University of Göttingen (2021-present)
Undergraduate Studies, Faculty of Sciences, Universtiy of the Republic, Uruguay(2013-2019)
Geologist at the National Direction of Mining and Geology. Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (DINAMIGE- MIEM). Uruguay(2019-2021)
Internship at the National Direction of Mining and Geology: Asistent for the National Cartographic Plan.(2018-2019)
Asistent of the Geophysical Observatory of Uruguay (OGU), Faculty of Science, Universidad de la República.(2016-2020)

Research Interests

Geology of the Uruguayan amethysts and agates deposits: characterization and genesis


My Publication

Sánchez Bettucci, L, Suárez, N., Campal, N., Loureiro, J, Curbelo, A., Castro, H., Rodriguez, M., Latorres, E, Castro Artola, O, Arduin Rode, F., Faraone, M., Pascale, A., Abelenda, E. (2018) The New National Geophysical and Geodetic Network (Uruguay) Seismological Research Letters , v.: 89 p.:458 - 466, ISSN: 08950695. DOI: 10.1785/0220170109.