Diversity of microalgae and cyanobacteria communities in Antarctic soils: changes along soil developmental stages and abiotic variables and testing for endemism/geographical distribution

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Our project investigates samples from the following regions of Antarctica
  • Maritime Antarctica Soil chronosequences in glacier forefields at Fildes peninsula
  • samples provided by J. Boy & R. Godoy
  • Glacier forefields at the coastline of East Antarctic continent, Larsemann Hills, Prydz Bay
  • samples provided by D. Wagner
  • Maritime Antarctica Polygon Soils from Coal Nunatak, Alexander Island, Antarctic Peninsula
  • samples provided by S. Ott
    Antarctic_JB_AS12_365Maritime Antarctica, site AS12 (© J. Boy)
    Antarctic_JB_AS15_365x365Maritime Antarctica, site AS15 (© J. Boy)
    Antarctic_JB_AM02_365Maritime Antarctica, site AM02 (© J. Boy)
    Antarctic_Glacier_transect_365 East Antarctic continent, 'Glacier Transect' (© D. Wagner)
    Antarctic_BlackValley_Glacier_transect_365 East Antarctic continent, 'Black Valley Transect' (© D. Wagner)