Book Series and Academic Journals

1) Islamic History and Civilization
Book Series, BRILL Academic Publishers, Leiden

2) Journal of Qurʾanic Studies

3) SERAPHIM: Studies in Education and Religion in Ancient and Pre-Modern History in the Mediterranean and Its Environs

4) St. Petersburg Annual of Asian and African Studies

5) Romano Arabica. Center for Arab Studies – University of Bucharest

6) CNERU – IAS: Series Arabo-Islamica. Córdoba Near Eastern Research Unit – Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

7) Journal of Eurasian Arabic Studies, University of Kazan [More]

8) Forum: Islamisch-Theologische Studien
Ergon, Würzburg [More]

9) Member of the Advisory Board, Journal of Islamic Studies
Islamic Research Institute, Islamabad, Pakistan [More]

10) Beiträge zur Koranforschung
Book Series, Brill | Schöningh [More]