Data Management and Communication Projects

INFThis project will provide the CRC with integrated research data management and processing solutions focusing on (i) a cross-project research database and interfaces to data analytics portals for data from field studies, and (ii) a video data processing pipeline for training deep neural networks. The pipeline will connect local data sources from nine projects within the CRC with GPU-based central high-performance computing systems to train algorithms for automated data extraction from video streams.

Ö01Public attitude on nonhuman primate (NHP) research is characterised by (i) interest in biology and conservation of NHPs, and by (ii) the debate on NHP use in research including animal experimentation – a controversial socioscientific issue. Science education and science communication aim at enabling learners to form opinions on NHP research that are well-informed by facts and ethically well-considered. However, many respective interventions fail. Thus, we identify key causes for failure as well as more promising approaches using theory-based, empirical science education research supported by a Professional Learning Community. Research results are disseminated via a Virtual Communication Lab for CRC Cognition of Interaction.