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Stefan Treue joins discussion round on the limits to the freedom of research

The debate revolves around questions that are important for both researchers and society: Are there limits to the freedom of research? And if so, where are they and who determines them? Experts from the fields of biosafety, animal testing, environmental and climate research, bioweapons and chemical weapons will participate in this debate. From the perspective of their respective disciplines, they are asked to give examples of how far research may go in order to achieve research goals and where the limits (must) lie. The scientists will discuss these and other controversial issues of research freedom with interested members of the public. The even it organised by "Wissenschaft in Dialog" in cooperation with the Leopoldina. Friday, Juy 5 at 9 PM at the Leopoldina in Halle, Jägerberg 1.

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Dr. rer. nat. Tarana Nigam!

Many congratulations to Tarana Nigam, associated PhD student of our project A04, for successfully defending her PhD thesis on June 19. Supervised by SFB-PI Caspar Schwiedrzik, Tarana conducted did her PhD project on "Flexibility and optimization of neural codes in the primate sensory cortex". She is graduating from the IMPRS Neuroscience program of the GGNB and will now continue as a postdoctoral researcher here in Göttingen.

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from left to right: Alexander Gail, Minghao Cheng, Florentin Wörgötter, Fabian Sinz

Minghao Cheng successfully defends his PhD thesis!

Congratulations to our PhD student Minghao Cheng for successfully defending his PhD thesis on June 10! Minghao Cheng conducted his PhD thesis "Action understanding and prediction during inter-agent interaction" as part of our project B01 under the guidance of Florentin Wörgötter. He will now continue as a postdoctoral researcher within our SFB.

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