Göttinger Database on Vegetation History, Near East and Central Asia section

The aim of the Database on Vegetation History is to make available the full record of what has been published so far in vegetation history in Near East and Central Asia. The database, being accessible to everyone, will be

1) an instrument for recognizing gaps in density and quality of information and, therefore, a solid and efficient basis for planning projects and
2) a tool for evaluating vegetation history data. For filling gaps in the knowledge, the database offers possibilities to locate previously studied sites for reinvestigation.

The idea of this database is based on the German Database on Vegetation History which started in 1971. The basic idea was to develop a documentation which contains references, localities and main results of all primary investigations dealing with fossil plant remains of Quaternary and late Pliocene age.
Unlike the GPD/Neotoma our database never contained the raw data of pollen counts or Tilia©-files. The Göttinger Database on Vegetation History is a tool to access the metadata of publications.

  • white = no datings
  • red = 1-3 datings
  • light blue= 3-6 datings
  • green= >6 datings
  • small circle = surface samples