Joe Pfändner

Lector and Erasmus Coordinator


  • Academic Writing
  • CLC Grammar
  • Oral Practice Course
  • Vocabulary Training

Please contact me if you have any of the following concerns:

  • the agreement for the three-month stay in an English-speaking country (studienrelevant)
  • the certification of your three-month stay in an English-speaking country (studienrelevant)
  • learning agreements, courses, modules and credits for Erasmus students and other students from abroad (incomings)
  • Erasmus applications (outgoings)
  • placements with the Amity institute (USA)
  • placements for language assistants at the S|E|P’s partner schools in London, Bath, Culham/Oxfordshire, Wolverhampton, and Singapore
  • placements abroad in general
  • the Anerkennung auswärtiger Studienleistungen in der Sprachpraxis
  • the Pflichtstudienberatung before you take an examination in Sprachpraxis for the third time

Further Commitments:

  • Member of the Fakultätsrat, PhilFak
  • Member of the Struktur AG, PhilFak
  • English Drama Workshop
  • Theater im OP