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Offene Themen (englische Titel und Beschreibungen):

  • Farm production diversity and dietary diversity among commercial and subsistence farmers in Nagaland, India.
    Recent studies have shown that on-farm production diversity is often, but not necessarily, associated with dietary diversity. This study aims to use original farm household survey data to investigate this association in Nagaland, India, a region characterized by traditionally highly diverse diets, but significant differences in market access along the rural-urban spectrum.
  • The relation between time use and income level across different occupations in Nagaland, India.
    Time is considered a scarce resource that individuals and households must allocate to produce goods or services or to employment, to prepare food, to care, and to rest. Time poverty has been proposed as a complement to income poverty. In this study, we aim to use detailed data on time use collected as part of a household survey among women in Nagaland, India, to understand the relation between time use and income level, and the role of different occupations therein.
  • Understanding trends in edible oil consumption and its determinants.
    Using secondary data on edible oil consumption for the whole of India, this study aims to understand the drivers of edible oil consumption in India.
  • Assessing regional edible oil consumption and health outcomes.
    Using panel data from a large consumption survey, this study aims to understand the association between edible oil consumption and health outcomes in India.
  • Livestock ownership and nutrition: insights from dairy farms in Punjab, India.
    This study aims to investigate the role of dairy cattle ownership on the consumption of dairy production. For perishable products like dairy, well-functioning markets may be missing and may result in a close link between the production and consumption of dairy. Using detailed data on farm households in Punjab, India, the consumption of dairy and its link to production decision is to be investigated. The analysis requires a good statistical skills (preferably STATA) and causal identification methods.
  • Migrant labour in Italian agriculture.
    Several European farming sectors are highly dependent on migrant labour. Based on a unique sample of detailed farm-level labour data in Italy, this project aims to investigate the profile of migrant workers, and to investigate employment conditions across migrant and non-migrant workers. The analysis requires a good knowledge of STATA or R.
  • Farmworkers and the gender wage gap in Italian agriculture.
    While the gender wage gap has been widely studied in the field of labor economics, most of those studies leave out the agricultural sector, for various reasons. Recent studies among hired workers in the US, however, show that farming is among the most gender-unequal occupations in the US. Based on unique labor data from Italian farms, this study aims to investigate the gender pay gap in Italian farming. The analysis requires a good knowledge of STATA or R.

  • Laufende Arbeiten:
  • Weather shocks, diets and nutrition in Malawi.
  • Heterogeneity in Effects of Mixed Maize-Livestock Farming Patterns on Household Food Security and Child Nutrition.
  • Farmer’s traditional seed storage practices in Tanzania.
  • Migration and dairy farming in Punjab, India.

  • Abgeschlossene Masterarbeiten (englische Titel):
  • Effect of Labelling on Choices of Freshly Prepared Beverage: Evidence from a Choice Experiment in Taiwan.
  • Joint Expenditures on Animal Source Foods in Rural African Households.
  • Consequences of the National Fertilizer Subsidy Program in Mali for Crop Diversity and Food Security
  • Gauging the Gap: Cost and Affordability of Healthy Diets in Central Malawi
  • The Effects of Irrigation Schemes on Household Food Security and Child Nutrition In Malawi
  • Determinants of Certified Seed Use in Ethiopia: The Role of Agricultural Commercialization
  • Using Crowdsourced Price Data to Monitor Food Security Threats in Nigeria
  • The Effects of Nutrition Labeling Policy on Bubble Tea and its Policy Acceptability: Evidence of a Choice Experiment from Taiwan
  • Import Restrictions and Price Transmission for Local and Imported Rice in Rural Kano State, Nigeria: An Analysis Using Crowdsourced Price Data
  • Understanding Farmers' Participation in the Irrigation Subsidy Program in Chile, Using Theory of Planned Behavior.
  • Nutritional Labelling in Taiwan: A Choice Experiment on Bubble Tea.