'And the Oscar goes to... Taking students to Hollywood in a Global Simulation'

Once again, students of English language teaching created an Academy Awards ceremony for three 8th grades of the Christoph-Lichtenberg-Gesamtschule at the YLAB Göttingen. Starting with a walk on the red carpet, the 8th graders, who represented stars, journalists and fans, checked in, were welcomed with a drink and led on a guided tour through the venue. Throughout the day, they gave interviews, met their favorite stars and fans and received awards for the movie trailers, articles and blog entries they prepared at school.
Furthermore, the visitors to Hollywood had the opportunity to get discovered at the casting station, to shoot their own make-up-tutorial, to take pictures with their 'stars', or 'fans' or simply to enjoy an apple juice mojito at the Red Carpet Bar. Live-tweets and blog entries by the journalists covered the ceremony.
After the event, everybody went home with their heads and hearts full of English phrases and Hollywood glamour.

The Department of English Language teaching is looking forward to offering this project again next semester.

the Acamemy Awards
The Academy Awards

Meet & Greet at Hollywood
Meet and Greet at Hollywood