Job Orientation Options

Job Orientation Options

Counselling and Advice

Göttingen University has job orientation offers at different levels and in differering detail. As the Faculty's – and hence the Department's – degree programmes do not directly aim at specific job training and often do not even contain clearly outlined job orientation modules, asking the Career Service for advice is important. If you want to know where the Faculty's graduates ended up after their degree, have a look at the graduate student survey which are conducted annually. If you want to see where some of our graduates work, visit our Alumni page.

Job Orientation Offers for Future Teachers

Students training to become teachers have different options for broadening their job-related interests:

  • Lehramt Plus, a programme dedicated to improving teaching skills;
  • the "student laboratory" YLab brings students, pupils and teachers into contact with each other;

Job Orientation Offers for Non-Teachers

Students who do not aim to be teachers can also choose between different options: