Study and Examination Advisory


We provide open virtual office hours

  • via Zoom every Tuesday from 2:00-4:00 PM GMT.

You can access the session through the link on our website in German.

Please note that there may be a wait time depending on the current workload. We will admit you to the room individually.
Please refer to our website in German for any cancellations or changes to appointments.


  • Our consultation service is both confidential and free of charge.
  • We offer individual consultations via email, telephone, video chat, or in person.
    For quick queries, you may contact us by telephone without prior notice.
  • Please check our website in German for information on our office closures.
  • Please send your emails only to one of our email addresses, and we will respond to your questions promptly (usually within 24 hours, except on weekends and holidays).

  • Which degree programmes are provided by the faculty?
  • How do I design my weekly curriculum??
  • How do I create my study plan?
  • What is the procedure for transferring to another subject?
  • What should be taken into account when obtaining examination credits?
  • What does the professionalisation area (optional area/ key competences) entail?
  • What is the procedure for completing a Bachelor's or Master's thesis?
  • How can I plan my study abroad experience?
  • How should I approach any study-related difficulties I may encounter?

For the recognition of exam results, such as in the event of a change of subject or institution, please contact the relevant academic advisor directly.

Queries on FlexNow, exam enrolment and cancellations and verifying credit completeness in the FlexNow account can be addressed by the examination office team of the Faculty of Humanities.

For queries related to studying abroad and funding programmes like Erasmus+, please get in touch with Göttingen International.