About us

We are a team of deaf and hearing researchers that work together to establish a sign language linguistics branch at the University of Göttingen. We investigate different sign languages from various perspectives. As competent signers and curious researchers, we concentrate mainly on German Sign Language. We conduct different projects on the grammatical structure and processing of DGS. We are an innovative team working together with different German universities including Mainz, Frankfurt, Berlin, Cologne, Magdeburg and Hamburg. We are also part of an international cooperative network including sign language researchers from Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Barcelona (Spain), Haifa (Israel), London (GB), Preston (GB), Reykjavik (Iceland) and other places. A network of PhD students and different workshops on sign language research in Germany is currently promoting the junior scientific staff in a sustainable manner. Moreover, we seek to support a barrier-free cooperation of hearing and deaf people. Welcome to our homepage! We are always open for your questions and suggestions.