The university of Goettingen offers all students the possibility to learn German Sign Language (DGS). The introductory DGS-modules (SK.DGS.01, SK.DGS.02 and SK.DGS.03) provide practical language skills and basic linguistic knowledge of DGS. Each module consists of a sign language class and either a lecture or a practical course in the sign lab. The students do not only acquire basic skills for sign language research but also competencies in the intercultural communication with linguistic minorities. Students of all faculties can choose the sign language courses individually or can complete them all in form of the certificate program "German Sign Language" as part of the key competencies offered at the university. In the BA program German Language, the introductory modules (DGS I-III) can be further completed in form of the module package “sign language”.

Students interested in the study of sign languages can focus on sign language linguistics as part of the bachelor program German Philology and in particular as part of the master programs Linguistics and German Philology. The offered courses give insight into the grammar of DGS and into the history and culture of sign language communities. Furthermore, linguistic and cognitive aspects of sign languages are analyzed and compared to spoken languages. In addition, the use of the sign language lab offers the possibility to work empirically in the field of sign language linguistics. The main focus lies on theoretical and experimental linguistics, language typology, the interface of signs and gestures, grammaticalization of signs and gestures, sociolinguistic aspects as well as Deaf studies.

As part of the master program Linguistics students can choose the module "Gebärdensprachen und visuelle Kommunikation" which particularly focus on sign language linguistics.

An overview about the different sign language modules can be found here. For questions about studying sign language linguistics, please contact us any time.