Changing the major and/or minor programs

The admission to a minor program as well as the change of the major and minor programs take place during the respective application procedure for a "Master of Arts" program of the Faculty of Humanities. It is necessary to submit a new application:

Online Application Portal.

When submitting your online application, please indicate (in the comments section) the information regarding the semester you have started studying and your master's degree major and minor combination, as well as the combination to which you would like to switch.

In the section "Transcript of Records/Grade Summary", you should upload your BA Transcript of Records and your MA FlexNow statement together.

It is not necessary to re-submit the certified copies of your transcripts.

When changing your minor program, re-enrollment/the application for re-registration is not required.

When changing the major and minor program, the application for re-registration must be submitted again to the Office of Student Affairs after admission.

Please note that an examination registration in FlexNow is only possible if an admission for the respective degree program has been granted. The registration or transfer of major and/or minor programs in FlexNow takes place after the admission by the examination office.